What, you want to know about me? Nah. Push on man.



Still here? Don’t you have anything else better to do? I mean, what is a man but a miserable pile of secrets? If you’ll stay a while and listen then let me share with you the terrible wonders I’ve come to know. The last metroid is no longer in captivity but rather, lost in a scattered memory. Our princess has become fat, saturated from decadence and the knights who protect her are generic and forgettable. The save file has become corrupted and I can only hope that we will be granted eyes to cleanse our beastly idiocy.

There is nothing here for you to plunder or pillage–just a guy who loves adventure and pressed the start button  over twenty years ago.

We’ve made it to the year 20XX. We’ve saved the princess, zoomed across the finish line, defeated the final boss, racked up hundreds of kills, taken our precious demon soul, beat the high score, had our hearts broken by our choices, simulate life itself and even become our own sport. The world of gaming is so vast and has held a high place in my heart for as long as I can remember.  With that vastness comes irregularity, and with irregularity, opinion.

While most of the popular blogs and review sites remain unbiased(or at least attempt to), you can ask any gamer on the street what they think about the last hit game and its very likely you’ll get a wall of negativity and disdain. I can’t blame them, its very easy to focus on the negatives when its all around us and nothing seems to feel like it did when we were young. But its that very nostalgia that is crushing the industry, or at least to an extent.

My crux with video games has always been to try to find something to enjoy in the game, before making critiques. It is after all, a game first and foremost and after all this time, being able to break down the mechanics and choices that went into the game development process is what has allowed me to continue enjoying games up to this day. So I figure now is the time that I finally write down my thoughts and try to offer some perspective on modern gaming. I plan to write analytical pieces about how I’ve observed gaming over the years and maybe a review or two of my own. I want to write about how games affect people, and how people affect games because I believe that even with all that’s going on with gaming we are a lot better now then we were in the old days. A tapestry of wonder and enjoyment are locked within today’s video games and I hope to draw that out so that as a collective whole, gamers can come together on the real issues surrounding the gaming industry and community.

I am also looking to expand as a writer myself, as I’ve fallen out of touch with the art, so I hope to put out content on a weekly basis, but ask for patience if I fall behind on that time table. Just strugglin’ to get back on the horse. I’m always open to questions, suggestions and critique as writing about these kinds of things is only enhanced when insightful conversation is started.

With all that out of the way…let’s get started!