Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator, BUT GO AWAY!



Your last update didn’t cater exactly to my needs!

This let’s player I’m watching found a glitch in your game! This must be a bad game!

I’m 12 and I love Amine so this game needs to come out soon for freeeee

So Yandere Sim is now a smash brothers mod? I don’t get it????

This game is so unrealistic, you can just kill everyone at the front of the school gates!

I am very tiggered that there is an option to kill a cat in a video game! You monster!

Ha ha! “Yandere-Simulator” just like “Goat-Simulator” it must be a memetastic game!!1! There’s no actual creative vision here! Just a sandbox for me to lol about!

My art is very beautiful even my mom says so! You should use my art in your gaem!

Why doesn’t Yandere-Dev just hire a receptionist to handle all the e-mails if they are so bad? I should e-mail yandere-dev to do that! That will help!

I removed the part of my brain that enjoys humor, so an inventory based skirt system!? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

You have a new idea that’s different then my imposed vision of Yandere Simulator? But I thought this game was just for me!?!?

The game has been at 5% completion for so long! Why is that???

Its probably you.

Most game development takes place behind closed doors. We hear the pitch for the game and generate hype for the developers and they in turn return to their studio and work on the game until they have some kind of demo for us to provide feedback on. However, with the game Yandere-Simulator, Yandere-Dev (The one person coding the game) has taken it upon himself to broadcast the entire process to the world through his game development blog and his youtube channel in an effort to make a more community-driven game. For those unaware, Yandere Simulator is an upcoming stealth-action game where you play the embodiment of the “Yandere” anime trope. Your objective is to get your Senpai to fall in love with you while brutally murdering or dealing away with any other girl that tries to take Senpai away from you. It originally started as a simple post on 4chan that got a lot of positive feedback and is currently under development in the Unity engine by one man and a group of volunteers who provide assets and other features necessary for the game to come together.

And at first the development went really well! I remember pouring over the blog updates each time I saw a new post or clicking his next video the instant I saw it was uploaded in giddy anticipation of what crazy new feature had been completed! Yandere-Dev was always interested to hear what we had to say and there was positive commentary at work which benefited the game’s progressive development. Almost like we all were apart of the development process ourselves. But as time went on and hype was generated this small community was suddenly injected with a group of loud, entitled children who have never played a game in their life–let alone design one. They began to pester the developer with their suggestions and complaints to the point that the developer had to make multiple videos asking them to stop. The last video I want to put special attention on because you can see towards the end of the video that, Yandere-Dev was losing his faith in the community and wanted to just scream at them for their idiocy that was actively sabotaging the development of the game. And that’s beyond messed up. This started out as a beautiful community-drive project and somehow became some kind of E-rated pandering session that doesn’t contribute to actual game design. The development of Yandere-Simulator is unique in that it is separate from big name publishers and is being handled by an extremely small team. The only ones setting boundaries are the people that Yandere-Dev goes over in his e-mail video or the louder whinier people that overtake the comments sections. And that’s the point I want to make with this post. I believe that for the sake of Yandere-Simulator’s development, Yandere-Dev should cut back on his relations with his fans until he makes substantial progress with the game.

Now in writing this, I understand that I am pretty late to the subject. That this has been an issue for a long time and it would have been more relevant many months ago. I understand that Yandere-Dev has recently stated he is receiving less e-mails now and because of this, has been able to pour more into the game’s development. E-mails however, are not the only thing hindering this game’s progress anymore as it has gotten to be a much more complex issue. For example, a lot of people came into contact with Yandere-Simulator, without having any desire to play Yandere-Simulator. A few popular youtubers did videos regarding the Easter Eggs that can be found in the game, most of which draw from things that are popular in today’s media (I.E. Sans from UndertaleAttack on Titanand more) Because of this we got a lot of the younger audience that those youtubers bring in and now we are at a point where people watch Yandere Simulator updates in the hopes of more easter eggs, instead of more game features.

But its not just Youtube’s fault. Just in general the game’s art style brings in a lot of anime fans that do not necessarily follow the game for the right reasons either. Its bright and simple anime art style can be deceiving when seeing the brutal limits the game can be pushed to regardless of the age warnings in the game. Its hastily being associated under the broad definition of “anime” without understanding the mature parts of anime that Yandere-Simulator attempts to invoke.

I cringe now every time I see a new video or poll posted by Yandere-Dev. Not because of what he says but because he now has to spend the first five to ten minutes explaining to people how the feature does not represent the final product or even why he implemented said feature at all. At the end of the day this is Yandere-Dev’s vision. It’s his game that he is developing. He gave us the pitch, and we are excited to see where it goes, but there is no reason he should have to answer to all these people that are so easily offended or so impatient as to make unreasonable demands. What SHOULD be happening is that he should post an update, look over our feedback and improve where he believes things need to be improved just as he does when working with his volunteers. This game should be IMPROVING by feedback, not being drawn back and ruined. The fact that he now has to slate time to make a Halloween event because there is a small community of people that like the idea, create a big town around the school because people asked for it or spend time making graphics that show how he uses his time are things that most developers do not deal with, unless speaking directly to their manager.

Watching Yandere-Simulator come together for me, has been much like watching a caterpillar take form into a butterfly. For once we as the public get to see the game design process from start to end and that genuinely interests me. Also Yandere-Dev is an extremely talented and intelligent individual so I take everything he says in his developer updates as sage-like wisdom. So when I see the developer making all these caveats for the louder minority I can’t help but feel unsympathetic when the game gets delayed over and over again. The fact that they literally had to design a character to point out how stupid some people in the community are being, or a website to moderate the unnecessary e-mails is insane especially for a team as small as this. Its all being handled in this clunky, enabling way that isn’t really necessary anymore. I’m not saying he should just abandon the community altogether as that would kill the game before it even got a chance. What I am saying though is that he needs to take on some thicker skin with dealing with these people and just make his game. Yandere-Simulator should come out, regardless of whether or not dank_pepememe22’s comment is taken to heart. This game is developed with mature themes for a mature audience and should only be catered to people that have mature opinions and feedback. That is how Yandere-Dev will get his full vision for Yandere-Simulator.


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