‘The Writer Will Do Something’, or will they?

This is a really interesting take on the kinds of situations one can expect as a video game writer and anyone who has the time should check out this cool game!

Jenna Bramham

6a0133f5030223970b01bb082d6f6b970dThe Writer Will Do Something discusses the struggles a company may go through when producing a game. Playing through the eyes of the writer for the game, you are made to decide how to approach different decisions in the creation of the game.

The game presents the role of the writer in video game development as the fall back guy. The writer is portrayed as the person at the root of all the problems and that when there is something wrong with the game “the writer will do something” to fix it. After all, it is their writing that is the issue.

This game presents the trials and tribulations for writers in video game development. It shows that writers not only have to write a story that appeals to what the producers and designers like, but what the public wants. It is also required, at least in the situation that…

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